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About Us

Born to Malia Group in 1986, Cosmaline, a Lebanese personal care brand, grew with Malia's values at heart; Modernity, Ambition, Leadership, Integrity and Ardor. 

Driven by our customers' ambitions, our dedication to quality and innovation, and our commitment to making the world a better place; Cosmaline sturdily paved its way surpassing boundaries and raising the bar alongside Cosmaline standards.


 Adding to our group's values, we promise quality, innovation, transparency, well-being and above all a smile on your face!  

Welcome to our world; a world of all-inclusive beauty.

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What We Stand For

Quality & Innovation

Cosmaline legacy relies profoundly on quality and innovation: Two core values that have accompanied our evolution since the conception of Cosmaline back in 1986.

We promised ourselves and our stakeholders to build a portfolio made of innovative concepts, formulated  using the best ingredients and machinery, by relying on any means needed to reach our goals  with the utmost respect. By staying true to our promise, we were able to reach our current  destination; we source our ingredients from ethical suppliers, our formulas are groundbreaking  and inclusive and our process is authentic and transparent.

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Our Community

We realized early on that our community is a key factor to our success and continuation. Involving our stakeholders in every step of the way has become essential throughout the years to build trust and foster a positive culture . 

We are proud to be able to honor our community by enabling and endorsing programs and events that empower them as individuals in society. Also, we listen to their needs, and provide them with the required help and solutions. By continuously coming up with revolutionary and top tier products, we got our community’s back and we ensure to give them for as much as they have given us.

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The Cosmaline community is dedicated and committed to protect and preserve our planet. We are a 100% cruelty-free brand, and we operate under strict sustainability standards. 

We proactively limit and manage our impact on the environment by encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies as well as recycling initiatives. 

We control our carbon footprint by recycling our waste, using recycled resources when possible, collaborating with sustainable suppliers, and relying on renewable energy.

We have taken fundamental steps towards handling our chemical material in regards of storage, usage and eventually scrapping the remains safely. We also have set strict guidelines for water usage, saving and recycling.

Our consumer-based recycling initiative invites our users to return their empty bottles and containers which are then properly handled. 

Finally, through our social media platforms we aim to educate and encourage our community

towards reducing waste, recycling, reusing, planting, and being respectful to our planet and its inhabitants.

Mother Nature, being the primary source of more than 90% of our ingredients, is one of our most important stakeholders!

 Protecting, respecting, and preserving her are our top priority. 

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Taking our differences, limitations, weaknesses, strengths and resources, we come together as one to complement, support and  elevate one other within positive environment.

We nurture and support every Cosmaliner professionally and personally. We believe in gender parity and inclusivity as we treat everyone equally.

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High-capacity state-of-the-art plant - Where all the magic happens.

Manufactured and developed at our 25,000 sqm and high-capacity state-of-the-art plant in Lebanon, our products are tested in Cosmaline’s laboratories using test methods that are aligned with the guidelines of the European Pharmacopeia and are regularly tested by an accredited laboratory according to Cosmetics GMP, ASTM, FDA, and ISO methods and regulations. Cosmaline is Cosmetics GMP certified, along with ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for the Environment.