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Collistar Patch-treatment reshaping- critical areas, is an absolutely revolutionary remodeling treatment for the arms, thighs, hips & buttocks!

After the first few applications, the treated areas will already appear smoother and more toned. Then, with regular use, unsightly areas start to disappear, localized fat deposits are reduced, and day by day, treated areas are firmer and look reshaped. It is the ideal treatment to be used all year round to keep your body looking perfect.


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The patches work all round the skin tissue thanks to a concentrated amount of Caffeine, and the addition of Garcinia Cambogia, two substances that have a powerful lipolytic and draining effect.

The treatment’s effectiveness is also aided by an active ingredient that stimulates the microcirculation.

When applied to the areas to be treated, the transdermal patches gradually release their active ingredients, for an intense, targeted, continuous effect that lasts a whole 8 hours.

Made from an ultra-soft and comfortable special material, the patches can be applied in seconds and adheres perfectly to the body like a ‘second skin’, making them invisible under the closest-fitting clothes and meaning they can be worn day and night.

Format: 8 Sheets with 6 patches each (Total 48 Patches)


– After the first few treatments, the skin is smoother and more toned

– With regular use, localized fat deposits are reduced

– The treated areas look firmer and reshaped and the skin becomes more compact

– Designed to be used all year round / twice per week

How to use: 

– Remove the patches from the protective film & make sure the area to be treated is clean and dry

– Apply the patches, pressing down gently so that it adheres properly

– A hot sensation and any tingling indicate that the product is working

– We recommend leaving the patches on for less time the first time and  increasing the amount afterward

– Leave on for a maximum of 8 hours

– Carefully remove the patch by keeping the skin taut and gently peeling it off (ideally removed in the shower)

– Do not apply on irritated skin or immediately after hair removal

– Do not apply to parts of the body that are not indicated.

– Do not use during or after strenuous physical exercise or when pregnant

– Ideal when used twice a week throughout the year

– To store the product correctly, we recommend carefully closing the pack after use

– Disposable patch to be used once only



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